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Welcome to my playground. Before we start a little about me...

I have practised nutritional therapy for over 15 years working as a part of a multi disciplinary medical team at the Centre for Health and Human Performance in Harley Street, London.  

I love to teach and share ideas. I am a regular lecturer at a number of UK Nutrition and Naturopathic colleges and I have also lectured  internationally on the subject of the ketogenic diet and human performance.

I am currently collaborating with other international researchers on ketogenic applications in health, nutrigenomics, heart rate variability (HRV) and environmental influences on performance. 

I am commited to my sports and have a very active practice in karate, judo and cycling whenever travel allows.
​What I have been up to...
Environmental Influence on 24h Glucose and HRV monitoring: What are the correlations?
In this video I will go through the relationship that there is between glucose and HRV using 24h monitoring devices to understand in more depth environmental effects and if this relationship between these two markers could be useful as a monitoring tool.
We will see how sympathetic (stress and Life-load), parasympathetic (relaxation, rest and recovery), exercise and food can affect these markers.
In the near future I will also use the Dutch test to monitor sex hormones and stress hormones and see what are the correlation between these and blood glucose and HRV. Enjoy!
What people say and inspiration...
  1. Ben Lynch ND
    “Too few represent the core values of always learning, being humble, serving family first and practicing what they preach. Alessandro does. This guy gets ‘it’. I always look forward to our discussions. Many-a-time they’ve led to significant discoveries which help transform and optimize the lives of both patient - and health professional.”
  2. Mike Mutzel MS
    "I have interviewed Alessandro for one of my Podcast on Ketogenic applications in sport and we had a great conversation. I have seen Alessandro lecturing at international conferences also leading great research projects"
  3. Justin Roberts Dr
    “As one of the UKs leading Nutritional Therapists, Alessandro is an innovative professional. His experience and knowledge for nutrition-driven health and performance is exemplary; which is clearly paralleled by his sheer passion and ethusiam for helping people to achieve their goals” “Having worked with Alessandro for many years I have always been impressed by his ability to present to public and professional audiences alike in an entertaining and enlightening way. He is outstanding at presenting both scientific and technical information in an easy to understand manner – truly world class.”
  4. Milo - My Son
    Source of inspiration for how he tackles life and for his commitment with a very innocent view. "Live your life throughout the eyes of a child..."
  5. Jules - My Lady
    Always selflessly supporting me and loving me unconditionally.
  6. Mother Nature
    Powerful force that allows us to exists giving us air, provisions and life